San Sebastián – making good of bad weather

We took a bit of gamble, despite a pretty dire looking weather forecast, and ended up in San Sebastián.  Known for it’s speculator beaches, Basque language (which is seriously the strangest I have heard to date) and where the Spanish Royal family summer holidayed, this is not a location you want rain.  While day one was postcard perfect, the next 2 days were horribly cold and rainy.  After we had a mandatory whinge – I mean come on Europe, Sydney was 25 degrees on the same days and it’s winter there!!! – we tried to make the most of it.

DSC04641 DSC04645

We headed to the Aquarium to get our minds off the gloomy day.  It turned out to be a pretty interesting afternoon!  The rest of our time we spent eating and drowning our sorrows!  The pincho culture thrives in San Sebastián, with chefs taking this simple custom of small, bite-sized plates of food to a whole new gastronomic level!  Walk into any bar and you will find plates of pinchos, beautifully displayed and piled high with absolutely delicious food – namely slow braised beef cheeks, mushroom risotto and surprisingly the best cheesecake I have ever tasted!  Who would have thought in the North of Spain I would be raving about cheesecake? La Viña (Calle del Treinta y Uno de Agosto, 3) is a small, traditional looking bar that is known for these scrumptious baked delights.  Golden, crusty outside with an irresistible gooey inside, they really cannot bake them fast enough!


There is also so much choice for celiacs and the gluten free.  With bars offering whole menus with gluten free treats, I was never left out of the fun.  We did find the service to be rude in some of the more ‘fancy’ looking establishments, so just beware!  Our two favourite places with great gluten free offerings (and friendly service) had to be: La Cuchara de San Telmo (Calle del Treinta y Uno de Agosto, 28) and Gandarias (31 de Agosto Kalea, 23).  If you only go to three places to eat in San Sebastián let it be these (including La Viña above)!




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