Croatia – Lets Sail!

After a great few days in Split, we boarded our yacht and enjoyed six days exploring Croatia’s picturesque islands.


Helping to sail the boat was optional.  I did give steering a crack with little success so I stuck to reading, sun baking and the occasional cheer of encouragement.

DSC06035 DSC06049

The Islands: Exploring | Swimming | Sunshine



Trekking to Visovac Monastery



Croatia’s new boy band

Eating traditional ‘peka’ on an island farm


What really made our week was the amazing people we met on our boat.  Officially named the Luna II, our boat also went by ‘The Couple Cruiser’ and after a great night at party island Hvar, ‘Team Tequila’ (which makes us happy).


Seeing as there is not much online in way of a review of Medsailors, I thought I would just say this:  Would I return to Croatia and it’s islands? Yes. Would I sail again with Medsailors? No.




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