Who is the Nomadic Celiac?

2014-11-14 23.19.08-1

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

I’m Steph.  I have been completely captivated by foreign cultures from a young age, travelling around the South Pacific Islands scuba diving with my family.  Hotels and resorts have never really been my thing, preferring to live amongst the locals, learning and absorbing different ways of life.  Whether I’m planning big adventures to foreign lands or simply exploring Australia on the weekends, I am passionately curious about the world around me.

I am a recent graduate in Political Economics with majors in Anthropology/ International Relations.  In June 2014, my boyfriend Ben and I quit our jobs, moved out of our apartment and decided to take off on a 6 month adventure around Europe. This is my story of discovery, shaking off expectations and sharing in moments.

Returning to Oz we moved cities and are now living and exploring Melbourne!

I was unfortunately diagnosed with Celiac disease two weeks before getting on the plane.  This blog is also a small contribution to the information already out there for travelling celiacs.



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